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Quote from README:
    eChat is a serverless messaging system dedicated to
    chat and messages exchange over TCP/IP networks

    compatible with Vypress Chat and quickChat for Windows9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

Screenshot: Chat, Screenshot: Chat with style

echat-0.04beta1.tar.gz (sig) - first beta of the new release (for testing).

v0.02f2 (sig) - fixed bug under FreeBSD and corrected for gcc 3.2.1 (recommended).

Quote from NEWS:
v0.02 release:

Jul 1 2003

    - unbinded F6-F8, F5 now refresh users, as in Vypress Chat
    - removed -DSOUND, -DPACKET_QCHAT, -DPACKET_XOR as useless
    - fixed /add topic segfault (thx 2 wu2ftpd at medeina.lt)
    - fixed default topic on new channels (thx 2 Andy)
    - fixed bug with user leaves #Main channel (thx 2 Andy)
    - updated docs
Old - older versions.
Binary - binary distributions: FreeBSD (sig) | OpenBSD by crazytux at ua.fm | Linux (sig)

Also eChat available at www.vypress.com and at freshmeat.net

Other links:
Vypress Chat 1.5.1 | Vypress Chat 1.9 beta 3 | VyQChat 0.1.0 | vqcc-gtk 0.4 | VyperChat 3.0

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